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FAQ About Real Estate Law

Why should I choose Conklin Reynolds for our real estate closing?

You should choose a real estate closing company with actively engaged, on-site attorneys.

Many title companies don’t have on-site legal staff ready to act on your behalf. Many people are surprised to learn that a title company is not required to have a legal staff.

Be certain that you have the legal back up you may need should a problem arise with your closings.

Often real estate purchase is the largest investment people make. You owe it to yourself to be sure that you have every level of extra security to protect you and your investment…especially if that extra security comes with the same price tag!

Choosing our firm for your real estate transaction will provide you with smooth sailing. We’ll stand behind you every step of the way!

Is title insurance necessary?

We are happy to help you decide if title insurance is right for you and you transaction. In most cases, closings are very smooth. However, sometimes problems arise due to a number of things. Some of the hidden risks are:

  • forged deeds or mortgages
  • falsification of records
  • previously undisclosed heirs of previous owners
  • errors in public record
  • abstracting of tax record

We offer two types of title insurance: Lender’s Insurance and Owner’s Insurance. Lender’s coverage is usually required by your lender and insures only the lender’s interest against title defects. Owner’s Insurance protects your interest in the property. The one time premium will protect you for as long as you own the property. Again, we are happy to help you decide if title insurance is right for you.

How is Conklin Reynolds different from a title company?

Title companies handle routine closings and issue title insurance policies based on title work generally done by others. We perform our own title work and personally familiarize with the intricacies of each property we encounter. There are so many issues that can arise in the course of even a relatively simple transaction. We provide sound legal advice from lawyers with extensive experience in  real estate law.

How do Conklin Reynolds fees compare to title companies?

Our fees are very competitive as we offer you an active legal staff as part of our closing services, you just wont find a better value.